Youthful Passion: A Brother and Sister's Story

A brother and sister story about fucking while growing up.

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Brother Sister Incest Sex

We didn't know it then, but through our younger years my sister, Elanna and I engaged in several acts that would definitely be classified as 'incest.' I do feel that incest is wrong now, and although we don't talk about it, I think Elanna does as well. But that doesn't keep me from looking back on our curious innocence with fond memories, it certainly didn't seem wrong at the time, and no one ever told us any different.

Just so you know, I am married now, and I love my wife very dearly. I would never want her to learn about these experiences of my youth, lest they should hurt her. It kills me to keep anything from her, but I just couldn't live with myself if I told her and she couldn't accept it. By the same token I still feel the need to get things off my chest, so I'm writing this story in the hopes that someone out there reading it who had similar experiences, feels as I do. I look for even the smallest shred of encouragement that I'm not alone.

I don't remember the exact time, place or circumstance that led to my first pseudo-sexual encounter with my younger sister Elanna. I do know that we were very young, I think she was 9 or 10 and I was about 11. Nothing really happened that would be considered sexual in my opinion, but it laid the foundation for a very different adolescence for her and I than what I imagine most brother's and sister's experience.

Because of the closeness in age and the fact that mom and dad both worked, Elanna and I had an extremely close kinship. Despite being only about a year older, I teased her about being my 'baby-sis' on a regular basis. However, this changed when she started to out-grow me once we hit puberty.

While the first 'encounter' was little more than playing doctor, the second was much more. I remember that cool autumn morning like it was yesterday. Elanna and I both had only a mild cold, but mom decided it was best for us to stay home from school anyway. I was relaxing by the TV when El came in with a book.

"Look what I found next to mom and dad's dresser," Elanna said, with a mischievous grin.

"What? You know you aren't supposed to go in their room!" I growled.

"Just take a look, shorty, you'll be glad you did." She replied.

I was angered by her insult, but curious about what she had found, so we curled up on the couch and lay the book across our laps.

"An Adults Guide to Bedroom Lust," El read from the cover.

"Foreplay, Positions, Oral, Anal, Vaginal," I read, scanning through the contents.

"Look at this!" Elanna said as she opened the book to the "Positions" section.

We stared, open-mouthed, at the pictures and diagrams of nude couples in every position imaginable. The book indicated that these were 'sexual' positions. Elanna and I looked at each other and wondered what it all meant.

"Hang on a minute... I think I saw a video tape in one of dad's drawers that said something about 'Sex' on it." Elanna said.

While Elanna went to get the tape, I flipped through the book and came to the section on 'oral' sex. I recognized the man's penis as looking something like what I had, but it was quite a bit bigger. I nearly threw-up when I saw the next picture, a woman was taking the guy's penis into her mouth!

Elanna found me and asked what was wrong, I probably looked pretty green around the gills. I showed her the picture, but she didn't have the same reaction. Then she showed me the video. It said 'Adult Entertainment' and on the back had the names of the people in it and talked a bit about what went on in the video. We decided to watch.

At first it looked like an ordinary movie, albeit with some very good-looking men and women in it. The plot and acting was about the worst either of us had ever seen, but no more than 10 minutes into the show, we were faced with gorgeous naked bodies writhing and rubbing against each other. It was hard to tell if the moans and screams were from pain or what, but we figured since both the men and the women seemed to be very willing, that it must feel good.

The woman yelled something like 'fuck me.' Elanna and I both always thought 'fuck' was a bad word, what did it have to do with what they were doing? We found the answer in the glossary of the book; it indicated that 'fuck' was another word for 'sex', which apparently is what they were doing in the movie and throughout the book.

I was so engrossed by the beautiful women and the way the guys seemed to be enjoying 'fucking' them, that it took a while for me to notice that El was looking at the bulge that had appeared in my pants. I realized she was staring at me, and I looked down to see. I had only had a few erections that I had been aware of as such up to that point, and only once had I intentionally given myself one. I was a little embarrassed, but Elanna didn't laugh, so that made me feel a little better.

She asked if that was the same as what the guy had in the movie. I replied saying that mine wasn't as big. She wanted to see it, but I refused. She persisted saying that she had 'boobs' like the girl on the TV, not as big either, but she'd let me see them if I showed her my dick. I contemplated the offer, looking at El's chest then to the naked woman on the screen then back to El. I realized for the first time just how much I wanted to see El naked too.

El wanted to see my dick first, to which I protested saying that she had more to show, breasts and vagina, as the book indicated while I only had one thing. Grumbling something under her breath, she unbuttoned her pajama top and pulled it open. She hadn't bothered to put on a bra this morning so I was greeted with two very perky little boobies! While not quite as arousing as the big ones on the women in the movie, these were only inches away and I must say they looked awfully nice in the flesh.

Reaching out towards one I asked: "Can I touch them?"

To which she replied: "Maybe after you hold up your end of the bargain."

Smiling sheepishly, I looked down to the lump between my legs and my attention was drawn to how terribly uncomfortable my cock was, all scrunched up the way it was. So I slide my thumbs under the waistband of my sweatpants and lifted my ass up, then I simply pulled my pants down to my knees. The outline of my cock was now quite visible as my thin underwear stretched trying to hold it in.

I looked up to El; her eyes were firmly fixed on my cock. I reached over to touch her breast and she said: "Your undies too."

"Damn!" I thought.

Reluctantly I repeated the motions as before, this time to pull my underwear down. My cock sprang out and throbbed rather obscenely out from between my thighs. El let out a little gasp and commented on how it jutted out, also mentioning with some amazement that it was supposed to go inside a pussy. Looking up at her, I could see she was highly excited at that thought. Now I reached out toward her again and she turned slightly towards me so I could have better access.

Her breasts felt even better than they looked, so warm and soft. After I'd played with her titties for a few minutes, she asked:

"Would you like to see my pussy?"

I'm sure I heard just a little too much eagerness in her voice. Nevertheless I nodded quite assuredly and she stood up, slipping her PJ top off her shoulders, then sliding her bottoms off and stepping out of them toward me, completely nude. How much did I appreciate her lovely developing curves and the light patch of hair between her legs? The answer was probably written all over my wide-eyed, open-mouthed face not to mention the painful erection I had by this point.

She reached out and took my hands, pulling me to my feet: "Time to lose the clothes Trevor!" She said, grabbing my shirt and pulling it over my head. Then she knelt and slowly slid my pants down, which I then stepped out of.

She didn't get up immediately; she just stayed there, looking at my dick. I had a very warm glow and looked down at her in love and passion. She placed her hands on my thighs, moving up slowly, around my genital area up to my stomach and gently caressing back down. Then she went back up to my stomach but this time she looked up into my eyes, I didn't know what she wanted but I nodded anyway. Her right hand then moved down and around my cock with her fingers slowly encircling it with her thumb lightly brushing the sack beneath.

I let out a sigh and she looked up again with a small smile. Her right hand then moved up and took a firm hold of my meat while her left moved down and cupped my testes. She played with them for a little while, to which I just moaned and groaned a little.

"Rub my cock a little, sis." I begged. My poor cock was hurting so much; it felt like it was going to tear itself apart.

She gladly complied with a very gentle, very slow steady stroking movement.

"Ahhhhoooh," I mewled, pushing my cock against her hand.

She responded by gripping a little tighter and stroking a little faster. I started pumping my pelvis back and forth and my hands came to rest on her head, which I caressed gently. I was really getting into it with my eyes closed when I felt her hand move down farther and warm moist air; brush across the head of my prick. I opened my eyes and looked down just as she pulled my foreskin as far back as it would go and felt her warm moist lips engulf the whole head.

I gasped and then moaned hotly as I got my first feel of something soft and warm and wet around my cock. She rolled her tongue around the entire head and licked the tip, tickling the hole and tasting the precum that had begun to leak out. I moaned loudly again and held her head tightly, to this she squeezed my testicles slightly and my legs nearly gave out. My hands moved down to her shoulders, which I leaned on so I wouldn't fall over.

She sucked ever so sweetly with a gradually increasing intensity. Then, somehow instinctively, when she felt me tensing up she pushed forward sliding more than half of my erection down her throat. At that my cock twitched and cum exploded from the tip, it was the biggest ejaculation I'd ever had and it was all going straight down her throat! She choked and gagged a bit but managed to swallow most of it down. As she relaxed her grip and my ecstasy subsided, I collapsed to the floor. Where, to my surprise, she licked and kissed me clean. We moved up onto the couch and she lay on top of me where we cuddled as we regained our strength.

After probably ten or so minutes we both became aware of how wet she was getting. The little hair guarding her precious little entrance had become matted and moist. Some of her stickiness had dribbled unto my leg where her pussy had been touching and I wiped it up with my finger, which to her surprise I brought to my mouth and tasted. I couldn't believe how sweet and fragrant it was. I expressed a desire to do to her what she'd just done to me, but suggested we'd be more comfortable in bed.

Heading upstairs I asked which she preferred, my room or hers, to which she replied:

"Lets go to mom and dads room!"

I was shocked; who knew my little sister could be so naughty? So we pulled back the covers and she jumped onto the bed spun around and flopped down. We were both very excited and giggling happily and nervously. She stretched out and spread her legs like a dirty little whore, but I looked at her with love and was taken-aback by how beautiful I thought she was. She smiled at me and looked down to her pussy. I then promptly dropped my face between her legs. Breathing in her sweet aroma I was immediately intoxicated and looked at her pussy with a hungry desire that surprised even me.

My hands slipped under her, taking a cheek in each hand I massaged her ass and lifted her delectable little cunt to my waiting mouth. I began by laying my tongue flat against her slit, very near her anus and slowly licked up without applying any pressure, just making contact. By the time I reached her clit she was pushing her cunt up into my face and moaning deliciously.

Pushing the hood back with my tongue I could see the hard little nub, which I sucked into my mouth and began to gently flick back and forth with my tongue. I tried to be as loving as possible as I sucked and rubbed my lips over this obviously very sensitive area. El was by this time groaning quite passionately and writhing her hips.

I took her clit into my mouth again and rubbed my tongue back and forth over it, slowly increasing the pace but still applying no additional pressure. Before long my tongue was flying as fast as it could and I pushed one of my middle fingers all the way into her hole. She gasped desperately and cradled my head with her legs. I looked up and could see her eyes clamped shut with a look of agony on her face. When her hands moved to the back of my head and pushed my face down onto her cunt and her mouth formed an oval I pushed a second finger into her pussy and pressed down on her clit with my tongue.

As you might imagine she screamed and started humping her pussy against my face. I found myself almost being strangled and having various bones in my neck broken. But I loved it. I found such joy in giving my sister so much pleasure that I nearly came again myself. Once she'd come down from her high she reluctantly released my head and I moved up next to her where we shared in the delight of licking her juices from my face.

I was really aching to get inside her now, and asked if she was interested. To which she replied in the affirmative but pointed to the clock and reminded me that we hadn't eaten anything yet. Suddenly I realized I was starving! I jumped up and told her to wash up and then just relax in bed, that I would make us something and bring it to her.

I decided to make it a light lunch seeing as a large meal would probably cause a few problems if we were to make love soon after. The lunch was more than I imagined, it included feeding each other and eating off of each other's bodies. It turned into quite a stimulating affair, which seemed to so naturally flow into sex. As the last few bites of food disappeared, the kissing started. Before long we were hot and ready all over again and I moved between her legs, but she stopped me.

"Wait, I want to try one of the positions I saw in that book." She said, as she turned around and got on all fours. I must admit that was an incredibly sexy sight. Her legs were spread a little more than shoulder-width apart, her little boobies pointed at the bed and she arched her back, pushing her ass out towards me. I got one hell of a good look at her ass and cunt, that being enough to make my cock try to get into her from where I was kneeling, all by itself.

My prick was more than happy when it learned that I had no intention of depriving it of this glorious opportunity. Elanna was impatient as well, asking me to hurry up and fuck her.

So I moved in behind her and lay my hands on her calves, slowly gliding them up to her knees, making a 90 degree turn up her thighs with an especially long massaging rub over her ass and then along her back. El sighed pleasantly from this soft caress and wiggled her ass at me, again begging me to hurry up. My hands made their way back down the sides of her torso and took a good hold of her hips. I moved myself into position and asked:

"Ready Ellie?"

"Oh god yes! Push it in, please push it in!" She pleaded.

I took one hand off her hip and guided my prick to her opening, placing the head against her slit made El push back trying to get it in, but I held firm with my other hand. I pushed slightly and felt for the hole. She was so wet and slippery it took a couple of tries to get the head in, it kept slipping up her slit. This just served to make us more horny and we were both very glad when we heard a little 'pop' as her vaginal lips squeezed around the ridge of my cock.

She was so excited that her pussy held me so tightly that it took my breath away. I pushed a little further in and then I was able to move my hand back to her hip. Taking a good grip of her pelvis I applied a slow steady pressure that resulted in a very seductive sound of two pieces of wet meat sliding against each other. After much reveling in this slimy little union of ours, her lips reached the base of my cock and I stopped. Her lips then slid down a bit so they were wrapped right around every last millimeter.

The feeling was unbelievable. I'd never felt so vulnerable and yet so safe at the same time. Her pussy felt like home, no, better than that. It felt like my whole being, my whole self was part of her. After all I was literally inside her body.

As a side note, I described the experience to her later, just as I did above to you and she expressed similar feelings of intimacy and soulful unity. What we experienced that day was true intimacy and anyone that is afraid of that is nuts, so don't go around saying you have a fear of intimacy. Oh, ah sorry, just getting a little carried away here! Where was I? Oh yes:

I began to pull back out, which was even better than going in, this time the resistance I felt going in was reversed so that it felt as though her vagina was sucking me, holding me inside. I finally got most of the way back out, then a nasty grin spread across my face and I gripped her tight and rammed back in. She screamed and shivered but responded by shoving her ass back against me. Now that I look back on it, I'm glad I didn't hurt her, I was just so damn horny by that time that I really needed to do that. As it turned out she liked it just as much as I did anyway.

I built unto these motions a nice even tempo, mmmm, just thinking about it now:

"In, out, in, out, in, out."

God it felt so fucking GOOD! El didn't have any trouble making it feel all the better by wriggling and rolling her ass around, and when she lowered her upper body so that her butt stuck up in the air, I actually managed to get a little deeper into her. Before long we were really going at it and neither of us could last much longer. I pulled her back up onto her hands and partially lay my chest onto her back. I asked if she could support our weight, which she could, so I half lay on her and put my arms around her so I could caress her tits.

I continued fucking into her at an increasingly fast pace and really enjoying playing with her breasts. She turned her head sideways and I leaned forward and dropped my head down so we could plant a couple of kisses. Then she said:

"Trev, oh god, I'm gonna to cum, AH FUCK, give it to me sweetie. Oh please fuck it into me, make me cum, make me cum!"

I could feel her start to shake and she was really pushing hard against me with her pelvis moving completely involuntarily. It felt really good to have her passion so unbridled beneath me, but I only had a moment to consider that before her pussy started spasming and her movements become totally uncontrolled as she screamed:


Just then my movements became equally uncontrolled as I humped brutally into her like a wild animal and I hugged her against me as hard as I could. One last deeper-than-the-rest thrusts and the liquid blasted out of me in by far the hardest orgasm I've ever had. To describe this orgasm is impossible, but if it had been outside of her the cum probably would have been shot right across the room.

We squeezed every last drop of love and cum from each other's bodies and after several minutes we fell to the bed. I did manage to roll off of her, but that was it before we were both out cold.

I woke up hours later, just before our parents were due home. I picked El up and carried her to her bed, straightened mom and dad's bed and picked up our clothes. Then it was off the bed for me too.

The End.